Welcome to the homepage of Space Rocks: a new and exciting board game by Gary Whitta and Casual Violence Games.

In the deep recesses of space, resources are few and far between. The space mines are an important part of society and YOU can make it rich there. Become a space miner slaving in the mines; a space peasant trying to eke out an existence in the nebulae; or Willimas III of the Galactic Sector, Overlord of all the Fucking Space Mines. Your goal is to acquire the greatest wealth from the space mines by collecting resource rich space rocks.

Casual Violence is about to announce a Kickstarter to produce a high quality version of Space Rocks. Beautiful star-filled expanses painted on high-quality board and pre-painted plastic space rock tokens will be created with YOUR HELP! Look for more from us soon, and remember you can always create your own homemade version to play with your friends and loved ones.

As a special treat in the run up to our Kickstarter, here's an image of a prototype board completely set up before play. (Character sheets not shown.)

Here is the lovely box our shipped game would come in: